Rapp Marine

Rapp Marine Solutions


Advanced deck machinery and computerized

autotrawl systems

  • Trawl Winches
  • Net Reels
  • Gilson and Auxiliary Winches
  • Net Sounder Winches



Extensive Oceanographic and Fisheries Survey Systems

  • Traction Winches
  • CTD & Hydrographic Winches
  • Coring & Deep Sea Winches


Offshore Oil & Gas

Constant Tension and Active Heave Compensated Systems

  • ROV Winches
  • Launch & Recovery Systems
  • Moonpool Systems
  • Heavy Lift Winches
  • Deck Cargo Cranes



Durable equipment for long haul and ship assist applications

  • Tow Winches
  • Bow Hawser Winches
  • Mooring Winches


Equipment for All Commercial VesselsReliable handling systems for any commercial use

  • Marine and Platform Cranes
  • A-frames
  • Anchor Windlass
  • Capstans
  • Tugger and Auxiliary Winches
  • PentagonTM Computerized Control System