Uson Marine has been a leading provider of sustainable, environmentally friendly waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry since 1983. The company has ISO 9001 and 14001 certification issued by Det Norske Veritas.

Designed specifically for marine applications, the solutions, know-how and experience help to minimize the cost and labour of waste handling onboard rigs or vessels, by collecting, sorting the waste into fractions, compacting them and finally storing them.

Uson Marine’s operations are focused on five clearly defined maritime segments:

  • Offshore and Special Vessels
  • Merchant ships
  • Passenger vessels
  • Naval ships
  • Yachts

Uson Marine design and supply complete food and galley waste systems and dry solid waste systems that offer simple, cost-effective operation. Rigorously tested for marine conditions, Uson Marine systems fulfill all marine and offshore standards. Gained through 30 years of experience, Uson’s know-how ensures that the recommended solutions comply with all current and future local and international rules and regulations.

Food waste is heavy and quickly starts growing bacteria which produce smells. By collecting and grinding this fraction where it is produced, the work for the crew is minimized and proper hygiene is maintained in the galley.

After collection in a vacuum system the food waste is stored in a separate holding tank which allows for controlled discharges only in permitted areas, as required by IMO Marpol Annex V and local legislations. Discharge to the grey water or black water tank is not recommended since it may result in malfunctioning of grey or black water treatment systems with potential discharge in prohibited areas as a result.

Grease and cooking oil residuals are separated in a closed, high efficiency separator. The grease is discharged to a sludge burner or port without any contact with the crew.

Recyclable dry wastes are, for example: plastic, wood, cardboard and paper, glass and metal, such as aluminium.

Uson Marine systems for waste recycling include chute systems for transportation of different waste fractions to the garbage room, marine compactors, baling presses, shredders and crushers. These can reduce the volume of the waste by up to 90 percent (depending on the fraction). The compacted fractions are stored separately for recycling in port.

Hazardous waste is stored in fractions in separate, fire-proof storage compartments.

All vessels with accommodation areas will generate dust. Using a Uson central vacuum cleaning system will greatly improve the level of hygiene and air quality onboard. Safety will also be improved since onboard personnel will not need to negotiate several flights of stairs carrying vacuum cleaning equipment.

Product Range:

  • Garbage Handling systems
  • Food Waste Systems
  • Dry Solid Waste Systems
  • Chute Systems