Aptomar was founded in 2005 and is based in Trondheim, the technological capital of Norway. Agents and representatives are located worldwide.

Aptomar delivers Tactical Management Systems for

  • Oil Spill Detection and Combating
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Search & Rescue

Product Range:

  • Aptomar’s SECurus is a unique sensor combining an IR camera, a DV camera and a search light on a fully stabilized platform for compensating all movements the hosted vessel. The unit is stabilized in three axis and the operational display provides camera video projected in the sea chart for exact positioning of an oil spill or object covered by the camera. The high end, cooled IR camera has a sensitivity of 20 mK enabling the users to see the difference in thickness of the oil spills and as such improve the effectiveness of a clean-up operation.
  • Aptomar’s TCMS (Tactical Collaboration and Management System) provides the Common Operating Picture (COP) of the operation. Information as live video and traffic situation from all SECurus installations on vessels, platforms and land based operation will be transmitted via internet links to the TCMS, providing a complete real time overview (COP).